Social Media As a Professional Learning Tool

We live in the information/digital era, where many of our daily activities take place online, whether that is our personal or professional life. Social media especially has become a huge part of many people’s life, where we are connecting through several different social media outlets like, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Everything we do is through technology and social media, even this assignment.

Over the last few years, I have learned about how social media is used as a professional learning tool, and how it can benefit many students, educators, and parents. A growing number of educators in different level of educational settings, are using social media as a way to stay connected with students, share information with them, keep them more engaged, and the classroom more relevant and accessible. (The Education Partners, 2018).

Social media used in professional learning environments can benefit students overall learning in several different ways. For one, many students no matter what age (and this is what I have personally seen in my classes), have either a smartphone or laptop that they use on a daily basis, even multiple times a day, where they can stay connected with other classmates and professors. We are able to share information with one another so quickly with the click of a button, and keep each other updated on assignments, etc.

This course is a perfect example on how social media is a great tool to incorporate into the classroom. As a class, we were able to use social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook to stay connected at all times, and share information and experiences with one another on a daily basis. We had the opportunity to create this blog site as an assignment, to discuss and share our experiences and the information we find, regarding nature based learning, that we can always have as a tool to look back at, at any time in the future as educators in the early learning field.

As a future educator, I will most likely use social media as a professional learning tool in my classroom. In my first and second year, I did my placement at a child care centre, where the educators used Story Park to share photos and information of the children in the classroom with the parents. This was beneficial, because it was an easy and quick way for educators to share things with the parents, and the parents were able to see and be updated on what their child(ren) are doing in the program on a daily basis.

Social-Media-e1518208936600 (1).png





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